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About Us

MAGICSTEPGROUP, Lda has been active in the textiles industry business for more than 20 years.

Therefore, we accumulated experience and know-how and became specialized on manufacture textile garments of a high level quality, especially in knitwear.

Our markets are national and international customers that demand a very professional panoply of services, such as:

  •  Samples development
  •  Production supervision
  •  Quality Control

So that the end result is an excellent service at competitive prices and delivery on time.

We stand out not only for efficiency and honesty with which we work, but also by providing constant innovations researching on latest trends in fabrics visiting fabric supliers and trade shows .

At this stage, “globalization” is our goal and for that reason are we considering a commercial relationship, based on trust and commitment , with a trustfull partner that, on one hand is looking to place “collections/productions” in our Country and on the other hand is interested in trading prestige brands.

Magic Step has a wide range of resources and partnerships with the manufacturers who are the leaders in their own fields with the reliable production techniques and experience.

Our company’s main goal is the total satisfaction of our customers.

In case, you are interested to know anything about our firm, feel free to contact us.


MAGICSTEPGROUP, Lda main services are:

Samples development
Our team develops patterns from a sketch or a photo.
We provide sample fit, size set for each style if needed.
Developments, sourcing, materials, prints, embroideries, labels are according to the clients request.
Right product for the right price.

Production supervision
We have a long – standing experience as a textile supplier.
Producing top quality garments in different styles with variety, start from the cutting until packing process.
We ensure the Delivery on time.

Quality control
Our quality technicians will ensure the highest level in what regards to quality control in collaboration with the costumer.

Our company’s main goal is the total satisfaction of our customers.

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